tabula nova

workshop tablet publishing

tabula nova organizes workshops to actively learn how to publish on tablets using the Aquafadas plugins for InDesign. In only one day the participants learn how to create a digital tablet publication, enrich the layout and publish it on a tablet. Basic understanding of Adobe InDesign is required.

Digital tablet publications

Tablets are hot. In Holland alone there are about 1.4 million iPads and 800.000 Android tablets. And this number is growing each month.

Every well known publisher converts their magazines and books to tablet editions; every important corporate company wants to publish their year reports on iPad. Every company, local government, foundation or club has a publication and a desire to publish it on a tablet. And you’re gonna do it for them.

With what?

Using the (free of charge) Aquafadas tools for InDesign, you can start immediately, creating interactive and rich, multi media publications.

Interactive books, digital magazines, multi media brochures and animated year reports.

During the workshop you’ll learn to master these tools and publish your interactive creation to your own iPad or Android tablet using the Aquafadas MyKiosk App (iTunes-link).

What will we teach you?

We’ll teach you how the publishing process works from A to Z. We’ll also teach you how to use the InDesign tools to create the following enrichments:

  • Video & Adio
  • Weblinks
  • Image effects (Ken Burns)
  • Slideshows
  • Scrollable layouts and texts
  • (Google) Maps
  • Smart Reading
  • Reflow
  • Interactive games
  • Animated images (360)


The location for the workshop is Doppio in Hilversum: the best coffee in town!

Doppio is right in the center of the Media City and is reachable by car and train. Lunch is also served at Doppio’s and they have fresh juice and a selection of natural teas.


We charge € 395 ex VAT per contestant. The cost includes:

  • coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, tea
  • smoothie, yogie or soda
  • lunch
  • parking card for CityParking Garage
  • And… jour own digital magazine, book or brochure on your own tablet.

What do you bring?

  • Your own laptop or even desktop (Win/PC)
  • Your own InDesign files
  • Images
  • Videos / Audio files
  • App icon (optional)