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Tablet publishing

Tablets are hot. There are about 3┬ámillion iPads and Android tablets in Holland alone. Every publisher of stature has a tablet edition of their magazine, every renowned company publishes their year report in an iPad app. Every city, company, government, foundation and club has a book, magazine or brochure they’d like to publish on a tablet. You’re gonna take care of that for them… and we’ll show you how.

During the workshop you’ll learn how to set up a tablet publication, we’ll show you the differences between publishing to a pdf or a native publication. You’ll learn how to make an enriched and interactive magazine or book and at the end of the workshop we’ll wrap your own app around it.

The workshop is aimed at designers, who are already experienced in working with Adobe InDesign. We also have a separate workshop specifically for editors and marketeers.

Create interactive books with iBooks Author

Not only Apps are very populair, but also digital books are the trend nowadays. With iBooks Author you can create rich interactive books, which you can publish to Apple’s iBookStore and read in the iPad’s iBooks App. iBooks Author is specifically developed to design photography books, cook books, educational study books and children’s books.

During the workshop we’ll teach you how to style and edit texts, add interactive elements like audio, video, slideshows, 3d artwork, infographics and animations. You’ll also learn how to handle landscape and portrait page formats and how to create a smashing table of contents.

This workshop is targeted at designers, writers and teachers. Note: iBooks Author only runs on a Mac.