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Conversion to ePub3

Do you want to sell your cookbooks, kidsbooks, photobooks or designbooks digitally?

We offer you a unique service to convert your PDF or InDesign files to ePub3 files, either reflowable or fixed layout.

The ePub3 files we produce are ready to publish in the Apple iBookStore and can also be used for Amazon (Kindle Fire), Kobo and Nook.

If you wish, we can even add enrichment to your books, like video’s, html5 code and animations and weblinks.

If you want more information or perform a test, please contact us at  [email protected].

Per single conversion, we charge € 125,00, no matter how many pages your book is or how many photo’s it contains. Depending on the amount of books that need converting a discount will be applied. This discount is displayed in the table below: