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Aqaufadas Digital Publishing System

Interactive tablet, iPhone, web and ePUB3 publications

With the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System you’ll create interactive publications for tablets, web and smartphones, like digital magazines, interactive children’s books, feed enabled newspapers and enriched portfolio’s.
Straight from Adobe InDesign, without writing a single line of code.

Matthieu Kopp, CTO van Aquafadas during the Mobile World Congres 2012

Unlimited enrichments… for free!

The Aquafadas DPS differentiates from the other solutions out there, by offering a huge collection of tools and possibilities, without charging anything for them. You can download the system at absolutely no costs and you only pay when you actually publish your Apps in the AppStore or on Google Play.

An overview of the many tools you can use from within InDesign. [more video’s]

PDF or Native layout

You have the possibility to work with a PDF artboard or go ‘native’ and publish optimally to the specs of the device. The advantage in using PDF’s is that you can use existing print files and still be able to enrich them.

Aquafadas developed the unique ‘Smart Reading’ technology, so your readers don’t have to get a cramp from zooming in and out all the time to read your magazine or newspaper. When you do go native, they don’t have to zoom in or out at all.


  • Slideshows
  • Video/Audio
  • Weblinks/html
  • Youtube/Vimeo video’s
  • Google Maps
  • Read Aloud
  • Image effects
  • Scrollable text
  • Scrollable layout
  • Animated images:
    Panorama or 3D
All features

Premium Tools


Beside the complete set of Standard Tools, Aquafadas also offers a number of Premium Tools, like puzzles, build-your-own colouring books and even interactive games. Of course these Premium Tools can be deployed from Adobe InDesign.


ePub3 Fixed Layout


With version 2.0 of the Aquafadas system you can create rich and interactive publications using InDesign, and then export them to ePub3 Fixed Layout. This ePub3 format is compatible with Apple’s iBookStore, Amazon (Kindle Fire) and Barnes & Noble (Nook). Because of the Fixed Layout, its complete WYSIWYG. This opens up new possibilities for publishers to publish interactive books, like children’s books, cook books and non-fiction photo books, without the need for building a dedicated App.

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